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Q.1: What is astrochemistry?

Q.2: What does optical astronomy reveal?

Q.3: What does radioastronoy reveal?

Q.4: Which chemical compounds have been discovered in space?

Q.5: What are Giant Molecular clouds (GMC)?

Q.6: How molecules may have evolved in space?

Q.7: Can life exist in space?

Q.8: What is the importance of Sgr B2?

Q.9 What information one can get from the study of radiowaves of new-born stars?

Q.10: What information one can get from the infrared studies of tracer gases?

Q.11: Which complex N-compounds have been detected in meteorites?

Q.12: What do near infrared spectra reveal about carbon dioxide, water and ammonia in space?

Q.13: How infrared studies help detecting methane in space?

Q.14: What Is the Elemental Composition of the Sun?

Q.15: What is the composition of dust and ice along the line of sight to the galactic center?

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