Vallabhacharya : Pushtimarg


Bhagavat defines ‘Pushti’ as under:
Posanam tadanugrahah.
Meaning: ‘Pushti’ means the grace of Bhagavan.
So, Pushti-Marga is a path of dedication, which could be achieved and followed only by the grace of the Bhagavan.
The beings who experience such grace of Bhagavan have nothing to worry about their worldly and transcendental life. Bhagavan Himself takes care of all and does all that is in their benefit.

Another sanskrit sloka:
Anugrahah Pushti-marge niyamakah.
Meaning: The grace of Bhagavan is the sole governing factor for those who are the pedestrians on the path of Pushti, here and hereafter.

Pushti Marga

Vallabhacharya propounded path of "Bhakti" that is known as "Pushti Marga".
According to the scriptures, Jnana, Karma, and Bhakti are threefold means to realize God and Liberation. According to Vallabhacharya, in this "Kali Yuga" these paths of Jnana, Karma, and Bhakti are very difficult to tread. People have lost the means of spiritual practice, and such helpless Jiva have no other scope or alternative but to totally surrender at the holy feet of Sri Hari for its liberation. Shelter and refuge in the name and form of Sri Krishna is the easiest way to reach the Lord and realize its Blissful Grace. This Graceful Devotion with mental surrender to Lord Krishna is called as "Pushti Marga". To such Jiva who tries to reach the Lord with absolute selfless devotion and surrender, the Lord grants Grace and vision of His Form.