One year has 360 days. After taking Brahma Sambandh, each vaishnav should perform seva daily offering new clothes and food preparations to Thakurji. However, human beings have limited capacity and are unable to fulfill this in totality. Therefore, by offering a 360 thread pavitra, the clothing seva of an entire year is represented. Prabhu is compassionate and bestows His grace by accepting this as a full year's seva.


That which is most beloved to us, the most pure and sacred, should be offered to Prabhu. Cotton is considered to be the most beautiful, pure and sacred and therefore is utilized in all vedic rituals. Of all things, cotton is the most quickly consumed by fire and for these reasons is considered to be sacred.
Shri Hariraiji wrote a treatise entitled 'PAVITRAMANDAN'. In a 360 thread cotton pavitra 180 knots are tied just as there are 108 knots in a mankamala (Japmala) through which, Bhagavad bhajan and bhava are perfected.
According to Shri Mahaprabhuji's instructions, different kinds of pavitras are prepared and offered, each with its own individual bhava: Kesri, Champa, yellow ( Swaminiji's bhava), red (Radhikaji's bhava), pink (rajas bhava), green (Chandravaliji's bhava), blue (kumarika's bhava), purple (nirguna bhava).

Pavitra ekadasi

In ancient literature, there is decription of different bhavas of pavitra. Kesri coloured pavitra represents satvik bhava, white and red represents rajas bhava, green coloured is tamas bhava and sky blue is nirguna bhava. A five coloured pavitra represents the bhava of all the Brij Bhaktas.
The tradition of pavitra has come down from ancient times. In Satyuga, the pavitra was jewel embedded, in Tretayuga it was golden, in Dwaparyuga it was silk and in Kaliyuga cotton is offered.
On pavitra Ekadisi, Prabhu accepts the pavitra of all the different types of devotees, bestowing them accordingly, with the appropriate type of Bhakti Bhava. On this day pavitra is placed every where in seva, on the pichhwai, singhasan, khand pat, palna and hindola. The under lying Bhava is that Brij Bhaktas are having Prabhu's darshan from all the ten directions.
After offering pavitra, misri is offered to Thakurji. Of all things misri is the most sweet and nectar-filled.